Momodou Cessay

Momodou Ceesay


Country: The Gambia

Style: Abstract, Fine Art, Contemporary Art

Medium: Watercolour, Acrylic

Fun Fact: Also an accomplished writer, he studied literature at Wesleyan. He sees his works as an examination of images that instil beliefs that are in line with his own cultural inheritance and much inspired by his childhood stories.


“I describe my artwork as an exploration of images that inculcate a system of values that are consistent with my culture and heritage. My objective is to take the viewer on a spiritual odyssey that suggests unseen dimensions. A world parallel to a true flight of imagination and belief. and where I quietly listen to the rushing breeze, to give an ear to those who came before me, and whose voices I see and hear, as they beseech me to speak for them.

The story of art and practice of art varies from one school of thought to another. In Africa, it is one of the last remaining refuges for free thinking. As African artists our art work does reflect the richness of our culture; but over and beyond that however, our art also articulates and prospers from  that universal yearning for truth, justice, and equality, common to all peoples and all cultures.”


1. The Makers of War

2. The Prayer

3. The Exodus

4.A Plea for Mercy

5. The Genesis

6.Crusher of Rocks

7. Soweto


email: MomodouCeesay 





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What ideas and emotions do you see in this art?

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