Gassim abdelkader

Gassim Abdelkader aka Aramis Kaktus


Country: Chad

Style: Abstract, Contemporary, Fine Art

Medium: Inks, Acrylics on Canvas

Fun Fact: Born in N`Djamena and now living in Norway, his paintings embody a mixture of fictive stories, icons, animals, transparent textures, symbols, equations and random gestures, it touches upon a too illusive vivid dream.


His artwork embodies a wide range of influences, from the land of the spinning Sufi dervishes, the virtual thoughts, and the power of silence,  to the dense and comprehensive European cultural scene. From the wonders of the Far East, to the cosmopolitan and contemporary North America´s art hub. His work has spread from the desert, as an open gallery without walls, to a group of selected museums, and private galleries in many places around the world.​​


1. Untitled

2.Out of Colours


4. Untitled




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What ideas and emotions do you see in this art?

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