About An Agenda


While traveling around and meeting other artists and art lovers we realized that there was a lot to be said about the African art market. The artists often felt That the only market for them was abroad and that the governments didn’t do enough, the art lovers felt that art was overpriced and aimed for international western markets and the government side felt that artistic brain drain was inevitable and therefore not a viable investment.

What the site is trying to do is bridge these points of views and create a space for discourse and solutions. We are trying to demystify the artist because a lot of people can’t put a face to a name, have a romanticized notion of art, don’t understand how much work is put into paintings or really don’t know anything about African art, we are trying to make them accessible, which is why we profile an artist and some of their works each day. This also works as exposure for the artist… However we also want to discuss these issues so that everyone feels heard and it becomes possible to create an African market for African art


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What ideas and emotions do you see in this art?

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