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Joseph Thiong’o

Joseph Thiongo


Country: Kenya

Style: Semi surreal, Landscape,

Medium: Watercolour and Ink, Acrylics

Fun Fact: his artistic skills were recognized by his Geography teacher, after being impressed by his map drawing skills. His teacher said,  “Joseph, I hope you will be an artist”. And this is something he never forgot

Quote: “I observe my environment everywhere I am for ideas and inspiration for my artwork.  I also get structural ideas of wildlife figures and their environment from actual wildlife parks.  When I am in Nairobi and can’t get to the parks to paint, I have a collection of books and DVD’s that feature angles of what wildlife and landscapes Kenya has.”


1. Maasai Life 7

2. Elephants on the Move

3. Zebras

4. Impala Herd

5. Cheetah

6. Maasai Life 4


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Gassim abdelkader

Gassim Abdelkader aka Aramis Kaktus


Country: Chad

Style: Abstract, Contemporary, Fine Art

Medium: Inks, Acrylics on Canvas

Fun Fact: Born in N`Djamena and now living in Norway, his paintings embody a mixture of fictive stories, icons, animals, transparent textures, symbols, equations and random gestures, it touches upon a too illusive vivid dream.


His artwork embodies a wide range of influences, from the land of the spinning Sufi dervishes, the virtual thoughts, and the power of silence,  to the dense and comprehensive European cultural scene. From the wonders of the Far East, to the cosmopolitan and contemporary North America´s art hub. His work has spread from the desert, as an open gallery without walls, to a group of selected museums, and private galleries in many places around the world.​​


1. Untitled

2.Out of Colours


4. Untitled




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Bakunzi Jean Bosco

Bakunzi Jean Bosco


Country: Rwanda

Style: semi-abstract, semi surreal, fine art,  Contemporary art

Medium: oil on canvas

Fun Fact: He is an autodidact but counts (Richard) Onyango (Kenya), (Collins) Sekajugo (Rwanda) and Joseph Kartoon (Kenya) among his influences. He combs his paintings to increase flow and give them texture. 


  “I see painting as a special medium that allows me to explore my ideas, creativity, and emotions. When I am producing art, I feel free with my style, and I am empowered to enjoy the movement of my tools. In choosing my subjects, I find inspiration in nature, my surroundings, everyday life and happiness…”


1. Bed Time

2.Thieves in the market

3.Images of memory

4. African girls

5. Musanze market

6. The Transporters

7. Wheatfield




More: He lost both his parents in the genocide and used art to deal with the situation 

Throughout my career, I have been motivated by the belief that “art has the power to heal people physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  With this belief in mind, I founded Rwanda’s leading art center, “Uburanga Arts Studio” in March 2010. This studio brings together the most skilled and talented artists from all over the country with the goal of developing Rwanda’s fine art scene.

 I donate my time teaching arts and crafts to orphans and vulnerable children, especially those at Gisimba Memorial Center Orphanage. I have also spent time working and volunteering at Rwandan orphanages and hospitals painting bright and playful murals that have been sponsored by both private individuals and NGOs.


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Joseph Amedokpo

Joseph Amedokpo


Country: Togo

Style: Abstract personification, contemporary, magical realism, fine art

Medium: oil on canvas

Fun Fact: He is a simple man, an ecofriendly simple man; Amedokpo paints using locally available oils and his canvases are recycled flour sacks, washed and stretched. His studio forms part of his family compound; a tin roof shelters him from the African sun and seasonal rains.


Red is my favorite color,” says Joseph. “From red I can make so many other colors. It is very important in our traditions, too. Red is the color of blood, which is life, and our soil, which feeds us. And red is one of the main colors of many of our gods, like Mamiwata, who can heal the sick.


1. Shango- God of Thunder

2. Devil’s cooking pot

3. The Initiation of the Voudou maidens

4. Birds KIngdom

5. Angere stilt dancers

Dell picked Joseph’s paintings for their Computer covers, the statement was: His paintings touch on the failures and weaknesses of people, as well as their core strength, their hopes. The aids crisis in Africa. How all kings eventually dance naked, brought down to earth with the rest of us. 

His art covers a wide swath of the old and the new, in this area, and he has seen some success as his paintings are increasingly sought out and collected internationally. He hopes his participation in Project Red will expose his art to more people, and he is glad that his paintings will be helping fight aids in Africa.  

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