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Bakunzi Jean Bosco

Bakunzi Jean Bosco


Country: Rwanda

Style: semi-abstract, semi surreal, fine art,  Contemporary art

Medium: oil on canvas

Fun Fact: He is an autodidact but counts (Richard) Onyango (Kenya), (Collins) Sekajugo (Rwanda) and Joseph Kartoon (Kenya) among his influences. He combs his paintings to increase flow and give them texture. 


  “I see painting as a special medium that allows me to explore my ideas, creativity, and emotions. When I am producing art, I feel free with my style, and I am empowered to enjoy the movement of my tools. In choosing my subjects, I find inspiration in nature, my surroundings, everyday life and happiness…”


1. Bed Time

2.Thieves in the market

3.Images of memory

4. African girls

5. Musanze market

6. The Transporters

7. Wheatfield






More: He lost both his parents in the genocide and used art to deal with the situation 

Throughout my career, I have been motivated by the belief that “art has the power to heal people physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  With this belief in mind, I founded Rwanda’s leading art center, “Uburanga Arts Studio” in March 2010. This studio brings together the most skilled and talented artists from all over the country with the goal of developing Rwanda’s fine art scene.

 I donate my time teaching arts and crafts to orphans and vulnerable children, especially those at Gisimba Memorial Center Orphanage. I have also spent time working and volunteering at Rwandan orphanages and hospitals painting bright and playful murals that have been sponsored by both private individuals and NGOs.


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Skunder Boghossian

Alexander “Skunder ” Boghossian


Country: Ethiopia

Style: Abstract/ Surrealism Fine Art

Medium: Goat Skin, Oil, Ink, Crayon, Bark

Fun Fact: He got to hang out with the likes  of Leopold Senghor and Aime Cesaire the later Of whom ‘Made  and introduced surealism clearer” to him

Quote: ” I was heavly influenced by Cesaire. His imagery, the graphicness [sic] of it, was puncturing. I was a surrealist and he formed for me a stronger vision. He introduced me to more surrealism in poetry. He made me read Edouard and Appolinaire. Cubism became clearer to me in its departure of thought, its ideas and mannerisms. I could feel it, but I did not know how to do it. I did not know how to translate the idea. I had wresteled with this in Ethiopia, with Goudbet.”


1. Homage to Abebe Bekila

2. Anathamy of the hunt

3. Crossroads

4. The End of the Beginning

5. Red Snaper

Contact: He. Died in 2003, is represented by http://www.contempafricanart.com/toc_inl.asp

Like him onn facebook; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Skunder-Boghossian/193333204062695?sk=info

Read more about him here; http://www.blengrafix.com/blenmagazine/skunder_jewel.htm

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community on Flickr.

Paintings like these are a staple in curio shops and markets, cloth paintings depicting everyday lives and tenets of faceless traditional Africans for anyone who would want to have them. They are produced in bulk and sold at an affordable rate, a cheap and convenient way to carry a touch of Africa home with you. The Cloth used is special, though there have merged cheaper alternatives where very thin cloth is hardened using a thick oil base…this ofcourse leads to the painting cracking and is not advisable

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