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Patrick Kinuthia

Patrick Peter Kinuthia


Country: Kenya

Style: Potraiture, Fine Art, Contemporary, Realism

Medium: Mostly watercolour, oil on canvas

Fun Fact: If it wasn’t for someone throwing away a Reader’s digest, and Patrick hanging around near garbage he would never have discovered Norman Rockwell who inspired his realist style. Thank you Reader’s Digest, Norman Rockwell, Garbage Dump and random magazine thrower


A portrait catches the eye nd the eyes are the windows to the heart


1. Hadassah

2.Swahili Girl

3. Turkana Girl

4. First Audition


6. Ngara

7. Samburu girl Africa

8. Motherhood

Contact: http://patrickkinuthia.com




More at: http://faso.com/Kinuthia 


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Richard Onyango

1. Titanic leaves the port in 1912

2.Likoni Ferry

 3. The Massage

4. Deb and Me

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Richard Onyango

Richard Onyango


Country: Kenya

Style: “Photo picture” Neo-Impressionism, Contemporary Art, Fine Art

Medium: mostly Oil on Canvas

Fun Fact: He started drawing because he didn’t have a camera to take photos. His appreciation for big girls is legendary, there’s a KWANI! Book out called “The Life and Times of Richard Onyango” on the topic (http://www.kwani.org/publication/kwanini-series/9/the_life__times_of_richard_onyango.htm). 

Quote: On Large ladies: I think they are vulnerable, and no one seems to have discovered them, you can’t discover them they are always indoors


1. Tsunami

2.Indian Truck

3 Nairobi bombblast

4. Accepted Love

5. Drosie and Me in Egypt

6. Dressing Room

Contact: http://www.africancolours.com/richardonyango.htm

Have a look at http://vimeo.com/user3111189/wwwextraordinarilyrichardcom 

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Chilonga Hajji

Chilonga Mussa Haji (Khilonga)


Country: Tanzania

Style: Fine Art, Abstracts, Scuplting

Media: Acrylic on Canvas

Fun Fact: His distinct style inspired the younger and more successful painter Thobias Minzi… Do not mention this

Quote: Rather reclusive and quiet

Paintings: 1. Hefty 2.Guaranteed delivery 3. We all called 4. Water Seeker 5. Congo Street

Contact: http://hajichilonga.weebly.com/index.html


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Fred Mutebi

Fred Kato Mutebi


Country: Uganda

Style: Contemporary African Art

Media: Woodcut printing,

Fun Fact: DOn’t buy a painting from him before asking for the motive behind the painting..he does not like that


Art lovers and art buyers should strive to grasp the artists’ stories. Sometimes we create to activate managers’ or politicians’ minds. The people who view our art are the people who should have the solutions to the problems the artists are addressing.

Paintings 1. Women Activists 2. Urban Madonna 3. New York Subway in winter 4. Abannyunsis




Using art as a tool to empower people to explore and talk about the challenges facing their communities, Fred set up Let Art Talk, an organisation that helps open up the dialogue on issues such as poverty, child labour and gender by engaging the mainly young people he works with in interpreting the subjects through art. Fred is also aware of the need to involve the elders within the communities, getting them to share their wisdom and experiences, and together work towards affecting positive change. Committed to the success of the organisation fifty percent of the proceeds from a sale of Fred’s artwork goes into the Let Art Talk organisation to help set up a programme, buy materials or fund a trip.

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community on Flickr.

Paintings like these are a staple in curio shops and markets, cloth paintings depicting everyday lives and tenets of faceless traditional Africans for anyone who would want to have them. They are produced in bulk and sold at an affordable rate, a cheap and convenient way to carry a touch of Africa home with you. The Cloth used is special, though there have merged cheaper alternatives where very thin cloth is hardened using a thick oil base…this ofcourse leads to the painting cracking and is not advisable

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