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Bernadett Bagyinka

Bernadett Bagyinka


Country: Hungary but honorary Yoruba so Nigeria

Style: Potraiture, Magical Realism, Fine Art, Historical Secesionism

Medium: Coloured Pencil

Fun Fact: She studied African tribal art with an emphasis on the Yoruba of South Nigeria


 ’My pictures inspired by the exotic and spiritual nation of Africa, which is the most exotic continent to me.
I love to work with it’s cultural motifs and colours. I love to investigate after
african people ‘s caracter, different portraits and smiles on their face.
Im obsessed in love with the power and rhythm of the african continent.
My aim is to transfer these strenght beauty and richness through my pictures to those



2. Geb the planet

3. Yaro tree soul

4. The Magician

5. Sango drawing

6. Fulani

More at http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/bernadett-bagyinka.html

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